Prescriptive is Nirvana.

What's the best that can happen?

Why is it happening?

What happened?

What will happen next?

Prescriptive Analytics helps you transform your data into an 'automated data-driven decision-making process' that uses Descriptive and Predictive measures to optimize your business processes. In addition, Prescriptive Analytics identifies what is the next best course of action. It also involves the use of advanced statistics to construct a computer model.
In light of the insights gathered from Descriptive and Predictive Analytics, Aristalytics goes beyond predicting potential outcomes by also suggesting strategies and actions with benefits and implications to support your decision-making processes.

Business Value

Aristalytics provides you with powerful BI&A products and services that enable you to understand potential outcomes of actions you might want to take. With the help of simulations and optimization models, Aristalytics helps guide you to the best course of action. We also provide you with an easy to use automated system that allows you to run complex algorithms at your convenience.

Some of the benefits you get by applying prescriptive analysis are;

Identifying the Best Decisions

Optimizing Actions

Automating Decision Making Process

Foreseeing the Future Business Outcomes