Let's get started. 

Follow the six simple steps below to prepare your data for submission. To make your data anonymous, you will need to replace your member/customer account numbers with generic identification numbers created by you. The generic numbers are devised and retained by you so that when the analysis is ready for your use, you will be able to align the analysis to your respective members/customers. Let’s get started!

Step 1.

Retrieve a report with the following fields from your internal system*;

Account number


Credit Score


Marital Status

Number of Loans

Member Type

Member Revenue

Account Status

Age of Account (in days)

Charge-off Indicator

Loan Type

Loan Amount

Loan Age

Remaining Payment Period (in months)

Delinquency Amount

*Not all fields are mandatory. However, to maximize prediction accuracy, all available fields should be added.

Step 2.

Export your report to an Excel spreadsheet and open it. 

Step 3.

Add a new column to your data set and label it "ID"; then generate generic IDs for each of your members/ customers.

Step 4.

'Save' the file.

Step 5.

Delete the "Account Number" column, and 'Save' the file again with a new file name.

Note: You will have one file with the account numbers and generic IDs and another file with only the generic IDs that you will submit to Arista.

Step 6.

Upload your

anonymous file to Arista. You will be emailed your results in two business days.