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Arista is a cloud-based self-serve advanced analytics platform for credit unions and banks to deepen their understanding of members/customers and make better decisions.

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You can experience the power of Arista. Get started with predicting which of your current customers might be interested in getting a Used Car Loan!

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After making your submission, you will get the results in 2 business days and find out which members are predicted to have an interest in a used car loan.

Arista makes financial institutions more efficient and effective.

Arista is a cloud-based self-serve advanced analytics platform for financial institutions to deepen their understanding of customers and make better decisions.

Arista can help you to obtain powerful insights on identifying the next best product such as Used Car Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards, and Debit Cards to offer to a customer. Arista can also predict the expected credit loss, and/or detect which customers are more likely to close their accounts.

Arista is carefully designed to use completely anonymous data to make predictions. All you need to do is to upload the data set with the necessary fields that Arista asks for and replace account numbers with generic IDs.

Arista gives special importance to your data security.

You have data,

         Arista has insights.

Easy and Fast

Upload your data set to Arista and Arista will send you the results. It's that easy!

  • No need for huge investments 

  • No need to have an internal analytics team

  • Apply predictive analytics easily and quickly

Accurate predictions using industry-proven algorithms.

Accurate and Ready to Use. 

  • Obtain maximum accuracy with advanced algorithms  

  • Get actionable insights

  • Use right away

Anonymous and Secure.

Arista does not use personal information.

  • Anonymize your data using generic IDs 

  • No Account Numbers, or Social Security Numbers

  • No sensitive or confidential data required

Even though your data is anonymous, end-to-end data security is crucial. Your data will be directly transferred via Dropbox, which uses an U.S. Government-approved algorithm for protecting sensitive data, i.e., 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

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Arista is a game changer!

Next Best Product

Provides predictions of your current customers who might be interested in getting specific products like Used Car Loans, Mortgages, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and more.

Retention vs. Leakage

Provides predictions of the customers who are more likely to close their accounts and why. Therefore, you can create strategic plans to retain your customers and increase customer satisfaction.

Credit Risk

Provides predictions of the Expected Credit Loss per loan.